Sabtu, Agustus 08, 2009

JAVA ROCKIN' LAND, i canceled it

okay today i plan to go to ancol to watch JAVA ROCKIN' LAND. but unfortunately i couldn't go there because my mom wasn't give me permission hufh so fuck*ng asshole. hmm maybe my mom thinks ancol would be bomb by the terorist, while Noordin M. TOP already dead last morning wuakakakaak finally the most wanted terorist in indonesia was dead. I'm really dissapaointed with my mom because i've already buy the ticket JAVA ROCKIN' LAND finally i sold my ticket to Chicha, my ticket price was Rp 180.000,-. 125rb I bought it Rp. 125.00 and sold it Rp. 180.000,-. Rp 100.000,- i would save it back to my account in mandiri if my mom knew i use the money from my account, absolutely my mom would be angry, ooh pity me :'(
tiket kenangan sebenernya ini tiket kucay yg di titipin ke gue, gue print cm buat pajangan huahauaha :(

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ini alesan gue knp pgn bgt dtg JRL hari kedua, alhasil ga jadi nonton
band inceran gue deh ckck -,-
(printscreen yg satu lg cacat jd upload nanti lg deh)

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