Minggu, November 29, 2009

UAN 2010 such as a dog!

I swear i really hate UAN 2010. I don't want UAN 2010 held in Indonesia. UAN 2010 just can make me stressed up.
  1. standar kelulusan dinaikin (lagi) somehow it depress us a lot.
  3. moving school, wtf. ini mempengaruhi psikologis siswa dan akan mempengaruhi kinerja kerja siwa dalam mengerjakan soal (kata Pak Narjo)
  4. ribet banget. gw ga paham apakah pemerintah yakin dengan adanya Ujian Ulangan seminggu setelah UN, pemerintah bs meriksa jawaban2 ank se-Indonesia ini dlm waktu seminggu??????
  5. sekolah 3 (or even more) tahun cuma buat 3 hari. buat apa gw tanya skg coba? kalo gitu gw gausa masuk 2 tahun lebih aja, masuk pas UAN doang. cape2in aja. hal kayak gni sama sekali ga menjadi takaran kemampuan murid menurut gw. malah jadinya banyak disalahgunakan.
  6. dan dr dlu gw ga pernah setuju ma UAN. knp? krn menurut gw kemampuan masing2 daerah kan berbeda. terus kenapa harus disamaratakan begini?
oohhhh, im not ready to face it up! :'(
please jangan di beratin peraturannya yaaaaaa. (repost from The Orange Koala)

Promotion House of Tia

hmm I do not know what to post so I post about my friends business. hey, i want to promote my friend's business name, House of Tia. House of Tia sell necklaces, bracelets, Bangles, earrings, and headbands. but its flagship product is the
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These are some of the products House of tia, if you want to see more collection, check this House Of Tia or Tia's Facebook Album
recent leopard pattern,
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other headbands and accessories,
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Kamis, November 12, 2009

art culture's homework

2 days ago i did my homework hmm it didn't my homework but also the task group. task of art and culture of contemporary art we must made one example of contemporary art. my group chose to mebuat digital imaging and digital printing and are easier to produce, and then we make this....................
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hmm wht do you think about it? give me an advice, i make it by myself. i had worked maybe 4 hours because i was confused choose a word haha. by the way i change my header model, what do you think again about my new header? kinda weird? idk what's on your mind.
i was sad because every my post hadn't been given the comments again by bloggers if my post was not interesting to read or what? what's the matter? :( (sok sedih hahahaha -,-)
oh yeaaaah 3 days later i will do a trip for 4 days 3 night we called it "Goes to Campus". this event held by my school and i can;t wait it so much time please go fasteeeeerrrrr.

Rabu, November 04, 2009

EF T-shirt Design Contest

hmm i was told by sheila a junior from 1 junior high school at pamulang that EF hold Tshirt Design Contest for celebrate 15th birthday all EF in Indonesia. okay, the next day i immediately took it, EF form who knew i could win, although the present 500,000. likely if only this contest just held in EF pamulang who hold this race i would probably win haha. please wish me a luck for my design!

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this is the formulir!

the deadline on January 5th to collection T-shirt design. i hope i can have ideas and can make a good design and creative in order to win. just wish me a luck!