Sabtu, April 24, 2010

Feel so in love with The Trees and The Wild, esp. Remedy Waloni

The Trees and The Wild, a band consisting of three persons. all of them play acoustic guitar, and one as the main vocalist, a backing vocal and the last one as a bassist.
-Remedy Waloni as guitar-vocalist
-Iga Massardi - guitar and backing vocals
-Andra B. Kurniawan - bassist
The first time I knew The Trees and The Wild from a show at O-Channel, Demo. three of them are gorgeous, I admit it. and I liked their songs. and someday, finally, i got a website link contained in a variety of indie bands that could be downloaded, and how lucky i am, i found The Trees and The Wild first album. I download it. if i have more money i will buy their album, seriously.
I really admire their music, makes me calm. and a few days ago I was looking for The Trees and The Wild's videos on youtube.
so many, many ttatw videos on youtube, I tried to set and play one by one. and when I watch this video
i feel in love with their vocalist..... gorgeous, handsome, cool, i admire him, too much!

Selasa, April 20, 2010

suddenly, i feel i really miss playing Harvest MOON!

i dont know why but today i suddenly miss playing Harvest Moon Back to Nature. really really really miss playing harvest moon :'''(
because the sense of missed playing harvest moon, i was looking for videos of Harvest Moon, Back to Nature on youtube, watched some videos of Harvest Moon and it increasingly makes me miss playing harvest moon. i really really really really miss play harvest moon even that game is an old game for PS one!!!
And dont know why i still love Harvest Moon Back to Nature than the newest version for PS 2, PS 3, Xbox, Wii Console or PSP!! Harvest Moon is one of the best games i ever played!!! great memories!!! I love the songs they are so smooth and relaxing.

in the past, i played Harvest Moon, Back to Nature for boys and girls. When i played as a boy i like Karen because she's beautiful even she loved drunk :p and when i played Harvest Moon as a girl i like Cliff because he has a sweet smile and cherful person. walaupun gayanya gemebel HAHAHAH

hey, blogger do you know how many harvest moon version? im really sick of it. i dont know all of the version. i just know Harvest Moon Back to Nature, because searching of videos about HM on youtube i know some version of Harvest Moon like ---> Harvest Moon, Friends of Mineral Town, Harvest Moon 64 and i dont know more.................... I want to know, exactly how many versions of the game harvest moon? and explain that version could be played in where?

today, i'll add more videos about harvest moon back to nature and another version. well, for thousand times i said it, i really miss playing Harvest Moon!

Rabu, April 07, 2010

am i good enough for you?

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i have been very bored with the layout of my blog, I'll change it immediately view the new layout. just wait it! i'll change the layout if i have much time. School makes me being like a robot.

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say it, HELLO!!!

hey so so so sorry for super duper lately update. i'm so busy and i'm so lazy do bloging. im busy with all stuff in my school, esp. with exam, National exam, School Exam, and Practice exam. Do you miss me blogger???
i'll share my activity as usual but not now. im still busy with my exam. tomorrow is the last of schol exam and next week i have to face practice exam. For God's sake im so tired with all those fcking exam.

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