Minggu, Desember 20, 2009

sorry blogger!

i'm sorry bloggger. i'm lazy to update i don't know why, may be i will delayed many posts. many who want me to tell you but one more time i told ya, i'm lazy to upadte my blog. but i will update my daily activty again like before~

Sabtu, Desember 19, 2009

which one?

i was window shopping at the online shop. the shop name is piggyback shop. there are sell a lot of shoes, bag, and clothes. i opened shoes album and i'm interested in 3 shoes. but the shoes that i really want is not there a ready stock size. the blue shoes that i really want rust ready at size 40. hooooo -,-
so i decided to choose these 2 shoes, chocolate or jeans.
oke oke, i'm a little bit confused to choose which of the two shoes that i finally asked my friends to give me some advice to choose the good one. and the results are mostly selected brown shoes.

okey and finally I decided to buy the brown shoes

these 2 shoes makes me a little bit confusing -,- what do you think??
brown is better than blue jeans shoes, isn't it?
FYI, the blue jeans shoes models are the same as the model's latest shoe from Vans but I forgot the name of the shoes model (the name is too difficult to remember). pricing model shoes vans issued for 800,000. exact models of vans shoes cooler than shoes sell online shop. but absolutely the shoes that sell in online shop is cheapest more than vans's shoes.
(finally i bought it! the brown shoes)

this is the shoes i really want :(

i will save my money to buy this shoes, i had to order this blue shoes because these shoes are not there in size 38. probably about 3-7 weeks to finish made this shoes. im not patient to buy this shoes but i must save my money