Rabu, Juli 08, 2009

playin' with the bubble

last tuesday i did some photo session with dennis, my closet friend. hmm angel didn't join to this photo session because she suddenly went to tessa kaunang's birthday party. so, i just took some photo with dennis. i took some photos with my new digital camera, panasonic lumix. panasonis lumix is really coo, i love it!
here is these photo, check these out!

i really like this picute so muuuucho <3

(++more photos, click here)
maybe next time i'll do photo sesiion again with bubble in the other place, please give me some advice yaa!

5 komentar:

  1. oh, lovely! panasonic lumix is a high end compact digital camera, no? i see that you love playing with vintage gradients. i love it. great job! bubbles remind me of my childhood.


  2. xanabioticx : i realy love my panasonic lumix. the picture that taken by panasonic lumix like slr <3 i used color balance and curve to make it. thank you :)

    nidie : makacih dek

  3. lucu banget deh ka,itu cara negdit jadi begitu gimana ka ?

  4. aku suka yang keempat sama yang terakhir kak hehe kereeeen semuanya deh :3