Jumat, Juni 19, 2009


nyam, i just like this picture (i look so cutie in there hahaha)

holiday was coming and now i just stay in my home but it's for a while because tomorrow i'm going to bandung to watch THE DYSLEXIA CONCERT, horeeeeeeee can't wait for saturday. blaaaaah day by days i just passed stay in my home it's so kinda bored -___________-

4 komentar:

  1. Cute picture! :)
    Your wall looks terrific too

  2. yeah, holiday kinda bored. hihi, cute blog you have here ;)

  3. masukin foto dyslexiaaaa!! teehee. i couldnt go because i had lots of worksss to do :(

  4. LBP : wow thanks ya
    Enep : thanks

    cabe : udaaaaaaaah tuh be silahakan di nikamati