Rabu, Mei 27, 2009

Final Liga Champions

hmm tonight is a final of liga champions but i can't watch this match because tomorrow is my exam in my school, arrrghhh!!!! it was so confusing me hmm i must to choose. study study and study and then sleep for a while for wathcing a FINAL LIGA CHAMPIONS MATCH or sleep a loooong time to take a rest and refresh my self for doing the exam. maybe i choose to take a rest (sleep) a looooong time for refresh my brain for the exam. hmm i 'm just waiting a highlights in the morning for take a result of the match last night. which's the winner?

Manchester United



hmm i would rather Manchester United than Barcelona because since i was in junior high school i dislike Barcelona, don't know why but i didn't like them!! and i hope Manchester United would be a winner of Liga Champions :)

3 komentar:

  1. Barca as the winner yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hehehe

  2. hemm MU kalah zzzzzzzz taun depan pasti menang haha

  3. anisas : iyaaaa nih parah sebel deh ah pdhl jagoin MU
    putri : iya tuh dek bt amat