Jumat, Maret 20, 2009

cigareds, i love you soooooo

hmmm do you know how much i love cigareds? hmmm i think you don't know how big i love them. i really love cigareds. they're so fucking awesome for me. how well do you know cigareds. let me introduce cigareds.....
CIGAREDS but is the rock n' roll band that direct to hard rock
formatted by Adrian Dwitomo as vocalist, Andrean Hutomo as rhtym guitarist, Nobertus Radityo Pandianuraga as lead guitarist, Alan Prasetio as bassist, Abraham Simatupang as drummer and consisted by 2 important ranger , Agata Desi Permata as manager, Irene Tatyana Sabdarini as creative designer, photographer, and assistant manager
cigareds already clear for 3 song and now their prepare for more 2 song. check out 3 songs on our myspace : http://www.myspace.com/redcigars
always support us,sneakfoot!

raga, abraham (abram. abam), andre, adrian, alan
Cigareds or Red Cigars will fight for our states till' drop!

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